Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

And I still have Sunday to bask in doing nothing much. Woohoo.

The last few days have actually been really good. I had some solid exposures at work yesterday and then afterwards at the basketball game and still managed to skip the evening shower. I've actually only managed to do that after one other game this season, I think. And this time there was a guy with a cold sitting in the seat behind me!

I visited my family today. My mom offered me a cookie, and then told me that she's been feeling kinda sick to her stomach a lot lately. I ate the cookie anyway, although I did feel fairly contaminated. Then I went over to my sister's house and got them all contaminated up. Followed by some shopping, including using the grocery cart. Whenever I check out at Trader Joe's, they always put the big stuff into the front of the cart. You know, the part where the germy kids and purses go. Ack. But as always, I survived. So far, anyway. :)

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