Sunday, August 31, 2014

Where Has the Month Gone?

I say that at the end of every month, so I should really stop being surprised by now. I'm utterly amazed at how much free time I have these days. Freedom from house repairs and leaving behind a big garden really makes a difference. I've found some volunteer options in my new neighborhood that look promising, so I should fill some of the time up soon. Not that I'm bored, but I am feeling unproductive.

I also plan to up my exposures this fall. I'd hoped to host a Fourth of July party at the new place, but anxiety foiled that idea. Now it's Labor Day weekend, a perfect time for a BBQ. Nope. Work to do on that front!

The date went well, but confusion remains about whether it was actually a date. Hrrmmph.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Made It

The house sale closed on Monday. It was not exactly a fun two weeks, but it was pretty okay, all things considered. A few weeks ago I stopped my medication, not by design, but because for some reason I forgot to take it. This time, my anxiety did not increase. I also think I'm getting better at using cognitive skills and exposure work, which certainly didn't hurt.

So now I have what I think is a date next week. I'm going hiking with a friend, but it doesn't strike me that we'd be going on a hike if it weren't a date. Anyway, I'd like it to be. This is a person who has noted that spending time with me is pleasantly low stress. Now, if we end up in a relationship, I know that I can't pretend to be mellow all the time, just to keep him happy. On the other hand, I'm happier when I'm mellow, too, so I want to really double down on practicing my OCD coping skills. We'll see what happens.