Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Living in the World

Sometimes living in a little cocoon is so inviting. If I stay in my house, the germs can't get me, right? It gets boring pretty fast, though, even with books and gardens and internet. Even introverts like me need a little human contact, plus, you know, groceries!

I guess I'll have to live out there in the germy world after all.

Currently my neighbor's house has a toilet in the driveway. It rained about an inch today, so I assume it's a toilet with a couple inches of water in it, just waiting to incubate some toilet germs.

My instinct is to avoid avoid avoid. But a good thing happened. The plumbers parked in front of my house. Which means they spent all day walking back and forth across my driveway and sidewalk. No point in avoiding, right, when the germs are there already?

Since contaminating everything beyond redemption is key to ERP for germ issues, it's perfect. I can't say I'm thrilled, but I like getting this push. OCD's been winning too often these days.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm Still Out Here

I've been working some on my OCD, having some successes, having a few set backs. A normal kind of time.

Much of my psychological energy has been taken up with preparing to leave my job. I'm down to about 3 months now, it's already the busy season anyway, and on top of that I'm working on the transition.

The good thing is that it's beginning to sink in that my successors' success is not my problem. I'm not convinced that my boss has made a great decision with the two people he's chosen to take on the two halves of my job. But there's no guarantee that a new hire from outside would be any better.

So I'll do some training and call it good. I've shed a lot of the anxiety that I had around it, now I'm just plain busy.

A lot of quiet blogs these days. I hope that means everyone's out having a great spring/summer. Drop a blog line if you feel inspired!