Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Was I Going to Say Again?

I had a great idea for a post last night, but now it's gone.

In other news, I have a scary exposure coming up tomorrow. Well, scary for me. Pretty normal weekend day for anyone without OCD.

An event at 3pm, early dinner out with my dad after, followed by a 6pm game. One, I rarely schedule things so close together, two, I rarely go out to eat with my dad, and three, I will almost certainly need to use a public restroom, which I don't do very often.

I'm finding myself trying to control all aspects of this day- finding a restaurant that feels "safe," worrying that something will happen to my dad after the game since he'll probably end up parking in a different lot than he normally does, considering whether I can back out of the 3:00 event. I'm mostly in denial about the public bathroom issue.

I'm also convinced I'll get sick as a result of this day- one of my coworkers is going on vacation next week, and I've course I'm convinced I'll get her sick and ruin her vacation. Ignoring that whole "I never get sick" thing.

I could seriously spend 10 hours worrying about all of this. This is a strong incentive to deal with this sort of thing better than I do.

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