Saturday, August 17, 2013


We're having a lovely summer here. Just a few days over 90, most in the 80s. I've really been noticing my OCD, unfortunately. I find that I can make myself sit with anxiety, and when I do, it goes down. But I'm also finding a lot of new general anxiety categories cropping up.

I've decided I'd like to move to a neighborhood about 5 miles south of where I currently live. I'd be much closer to my sister, and that's an objectively reasonable choice. My current house is also too big and I'm a slob, so it's too much to keep up with.

BUT, I also made this choice because of stress about my neighbor and worry about earthquake risks.

I think the best approach is to continue with a plan to move, but to make myself wait until a house I'm certain is the right choice (not in an OCD way, though :) ) comes along. I have an urge to move ASAP, but very few houses that meet my requirements come up for sale, so it could take a while. That ramps my anxiety right up, and that's the piece that I know is OCD. Patience is hard!