Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolution

Happy New Year!

I was going to do a "wrap up the year" post last night, but then I forgot. Plus, the year was mostly, OCD, people around me got cancer and OCD got worse, and then it got a little bit better. So there you have it.

I've already mentioned my New Year's resolution, but I will make it official here. I resolve to do one "scary social thing" each week of this year. Scary pretty much means any non-work non-family outing or event. I've always been somewhat socially anxious, but being afraid of getting a cold really ups the fear ante around other people. So in most cases, social events will help with both my social anxiety and my OCD.

Chances are I'll miss some weeks, so I mostly want to get to 52 scary social events during the year. I practiced last week, and that meeting went well, so I feel vaguely optimistic. I have all kinds of ideas: people I reconnected with at last summer's high school reunion, a knitting group at work, community education classes, more people from the online group I participate in, a book group I was in for a while. Time will tell.

When I try to imagine what a "good" life looks like, being a good friend plays a really important role. I haven't been a very good friend in recent years, due to my anxiety, so this is my big move in that direction.

Hope your own resolutions get off to a good start.

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