Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Lazy

I always have such grand plans for being productive in the evening, but it doesn't always pan out. Once I get home, I tend to veg in front of the computer. At least when I post to the blog, I can pretend that's productive. :)

Today's exposures: Passed a whole lot of paperwork back and forth with coworkers without washing my hands. Then ate my orange without washing my hands beforehand. Stopped at the library and picked up a video on hold. Came home and sat on all of my chairs with work clothes on. Still working up to deciding not to take a shower tonight.

I was also tempted to cancel a follow up meeting that I have tomorrow with a sicky at work. So far I haven't done it. Not sure how that one will work out.

All in all, though, a decent effort.

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