Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two Completely Different Approaches to the World

So, as we often do, my dad and I are attending a sporting event together tonight. But before that, he will be at my sister's house for "game night" (although today game night's in the afternoon).

There will be many "exposures" between now and tonight for my dad:
-game night will involve lots of touching of cards, and cross exposure from others' cards
-likely will include cookies or some sort of dessert
-then home for dinner
-part of his commute to the sporting event will be on public transportation
-he will need to show his ticket to an usher, who will probably grab the ticket while doing so.
-I also assume the day will involve a few trips to the restroom
-Plus since he still is at the end of his cold, he'll probably blow his nose and cough a few times.

My prediction of number of times he will wash his hands? Zero. MAYBE, he'll fit one in during a restroom trip, but it's not a given.

Now me, given this same afternoon/evening?
-I'd definitely wash hands before the cookies
-And after getting home from game night
-Before and while cooking dinner (at least once!)
-Before eating dinner
-After any trip to the bathroom (let's say two)
-And probably just a few more times before leaving for the game for good measure.
-I will choose the usher who scans my ticket without touching it.
-And after the sporting event, I'd wash my hands before doing anything else at home.

So that looks like OCD Blogger, 10 washes; Dad, 0 washes. (And if I had a cold, it'd probably reach 15 washes, easy.)

The best number of handwashes for this day probably is about 2-4 (lower end for someone working on exposure therapy). I'm not worrying much about Dad and his germiness- heck, I've been exposed to him all my life. I just find the contrast interesting sometimes.

I'll just keep on working on getting myself closer to 2 than 10.

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