Sunday, January 31, 2010

Looking Back on This Week and Ahead to Next

As always, there were some ups and some downs.

I did get the mail most days (I'm not used to it anymore, so I forgot a few times), and I'm doing very well at not washing my hands at work, including after a few vending machine purchases, which is especially tough for me.

I had a great encounter with a friend downtown, and we went to lunch.

What I really need to work on now is my hands. My therapist has noted on numerous occasions that I'm very particular with my hands, and it's not a surprise to hear it. Especially when I'm not washing them every time I'd like to, I'm really careful not to touch my face, or sometimes much of anything else. I know most people don't pay attention to this.

I'm unlikely to start rubbing my eyes or scratching my nose while riding public transit. But, for instance, I used to have a nervous habit of tucking my hair behind my ear, and now I rarely do, simply because I hate to touch my hair out in public. I would like to react more naturally to the world around me.


  1. I think this is awesome. It is an extremely hard thing to conquer. If I am out in public and touch anything I have to wash my hands and sanitize. In waiting rooms I have my own reading material because I can't touch anything made available. So I just wanted to say a job well done.

  2. This is exciting that you are looking for ways to root out the OCD--very courageous!