Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yay for Me, Or, I Am Doomed!

I have a fantastic "radar" for sick people. I can spot and avoid a sick store clerk at 20 feet. Well, not always, but I'm pretty good. For the sake of recovery from OCD, I've been working to override this ability.

Yesterday on the bus, I spotted the woman before I sat in her sneeze zone, but I sat there anyway. Then I tried to reassure myself (bad, I know): I'm sure her breathing is that loud because she's quite overweight, not because she's sick. See, she hasn't coughed or sneezed once! Oops, just then, the wettest, sneeziest couple of sneezes ever! Right in my direction. I do think she covered them at least, but I sure wasn't looking her way to see.

So, on the one hand, good for me, right? On the other, ugh ugh ugh. As always. :P

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