Thursday, November 5, 2009

That Which Doesn't Kill Me...

I've got a big weekend coming up, for me anyway. I'd much prefer to sleep the whole thing away, but I guess that's not really the healthiest option.

Date number two on Saturday, followed by a charity auction. Then a basketball game on Sunday.

Also somewhere in there is a niece's soccer game, likely in the rain and wind. My OCD self hates the rain with a passion. Somehow wet things seem even more contaminated. Good thing I live in the northwest, then.

I've been working hard at not washing my hands excessively at work. I had great success today, but it was difficult. Good to know I can do it, though.

1 comment:

  1. Amen to wet things seeming more contaminated! Even washing my hands, if I don't dry them right away, makes them feel "dirty". What a catch 22, huh? I wash my hands to feel clean, but in the end, if not done "right" it makes it! And totally, wet and rain, just....yuck. Good luck on your second date!!!