Thursday, November 19, 2009


My best friend outside of my family has recently begun dating again after a long gap. She lives in a different state, and we generally talk on the phone every couple of days, sometimes every day if one (or both) of us is having a tough week.

I'm happy for her, of course. But on Tuesday I called, and her sweetie was over. No problem, we arranged to talk today. No call. :( It has begun (yes, I know, I could have called her today. But despite my mellow reaction on Tuesday, I hate the awkwardness of the "umm, can I call you back later" call with new daters, and I do my best to avoid it).

In some ways it's a good thing. Because I'm quite aware of my tendency to seek reassurance from her. Sometimes subtly, sometimes less so. Having her less available is probably for the best. It still makes me sad.

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