Saturday, November 28, 2009

Just Remembered an Ironic-ish Experience

At work, I am something of a budget consultant for 10 different departments. I put their budgets together, and I monitor them throughout the year. As such, I have frequent meetings with the heads of "my" departments.

The other day, at the end of a meeting, the department head said, "it's so nice to meet with you, you're always so calm." I was speechless at first, although I suppose I shouldn't have been. My annual review was full of similar quotes last year.

It cracks me up (it cracks my mom up even more). I'm extremely well suited to my job, and I find the budget stuff to be very straightforward, and to date, no one's ever done any crazy overspending, so there's just zero stress involved in my day to day work. Of course I worry about all the germs around me, but apparently not so you'd notice. :)

Now if I could just get my whole life in such good shape!

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