Friday, November 13, 2009

Checking in at Week's End

I have to admit that I actually did a little better than I expected this week:
I took the bus.
I skipped the shower two days (that one surprised me!)
Did much better than I have been, if not perfectly, on the handwashing at work.
Cooked/ate after touching the phone several times.

I had the freak out in the flu shot line, but I've since scheduled some events for the weekend with people I know have colds, and after an initial panic, I'm feeling pretty okay about that.

I'm currently sitting out an exposure involving a clogged toilet. The jury's still out on how this one will end. :(

It's funny that as soon as I have some exposure success, I up my standards, so I still always feel like I'm not doing as well as I want to be. I guess that's yet another thing to work on.

Happy it's the weekend.


  1. Hey, I know how hard that stuff would have been for you, just wanted to say well done :)
    A x

  2. It seems we never give ourselves enough credit for the inroads we make. I take the bus b/c I have to, if there was a way NOT to I would be in that line. I wish I could just enjoy the ride, but I worry myself sick about it every time.