Friday, November 20, 2009

Yay for Friday

Another okay if not great week. I had literally 10 meetings at work, and I'm not a fan, so I was happy to get through those. Managed two nights without a shower. Now I absolutely MUST work on my underlying fear of being sick. Without that, no matter how many exposures I do, I feel just as scared as always. With the holidays starting, it seems like an especially good, if totally scary, time to try. I've read a couple of interesting mental health related books recently and hope to get a review or two up over the weekend.


  1. Good luck with the holidays, they are my worst time. To much chaos, and to many people to deal with makes me a total nervouse wreck. Most of them do not understand my avoidance to touching.

  2. Yes, the touching thing is tricky.
    I find it bizarre how often people touch me in ways I consider WAY too familiar, and yet I'm the one who's considered weird if I mention it.

    So I don't. And now I try to consider it a good opportunity for exposure, even as still find it inappropriate.