Friday, August 14, 2009

A good OCD day (finally!)

I've been putting off all kinds of exposures lately. I can totally wrap my brain up in knots thinking about doing an exposure and all the reasons I don't want to do them. Today I finally forged on through several. One of my tires has had a slow leak for months. But I didn't want to take it in to be repaired, because I hate having someone else in my car (as they move it into the repair bay).

But today was otherwise a perfect day to do it, so I did. There was a screw in the tire, so it's a good thing I brought it in.

I also picked up a prescription (I tend to avoid all the germy people at the pharmacy) and interacted with some sneezing people at work.

And finally, I stopped at the grocery store and the person in front of me was talking about carpet cleaner and bleach. My brain had a field day with the possibilities on that one, but I didn't freak out. My instinct after a day like that is to come home and take a shower and change my clothes, and I've done neither. I'm feeling anxious, but not ridiculously so, and I'm sure I'll feel less so as the night goes on.

I wish my progress felt steadier, but I guess if it were that easy, I'd have done it long ago.

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