Sunday, August 23, 2009

Steps in the Right Direction?

Lately I've been on a very "one step forward, two steps back" system with my exposure. I've been making myself visit my aunt, despite fears that I'll mess up her cancer treatment, but I've been practically dipping my whole body in disinfectant before I go.

Her chemo is just about over, so I'll have no excuse at all to avoid a whole bunch of exposures. So that's good, and of course it will be awesome for her, too.

The rest of my family has been trying to help me out. We're not really a hugging family, but every time I visit my parents (which is most weekends), they give me huge exaggerated hugs, so that all our germs get all mixed together (by my theory anyway). Sometimes it's terrible that the rest of my family is so non-OCD, but often it's great, because they can help me see the humor in some of this.

I guess this post doesn't really have a point, mostly just marking a line in the sand to start up the next phase of exposure, post chemo worry.

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