Thursday, August 13, 2009

Do You Think I Could Afford This?

Today I was thinking that it would be awesome if I could take my therapist with me everywhere.

She does an amazing job of encouraging me to complete my exposures. Things I would swear I'd never do, well, I do them.

Yesterday my sister and I went out for my sister's birthday. I had planned on taking a shower beforehand, and changing out of a pair of shoes that I considered "contaminated" after an unfortunate recent encounter (at a distance) with vomit. But right before this, I had my weekly therapy appointment.

Ultimately I went over to my sister's without taking a shower, and I wore my "dirty" shoes. I was a little uncomfortable inside my sister's house in my shoes, but I did okay. I also didn't wash my hands at all during an evening that included dinner out.

So, if I had my therapist around to say, "Do it, do it!" I think I'd progress faster. I guess I'd also be broke! I'll just have to remember her voice in my head.

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