Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Happy Week

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I have been in an almost weirdly good mood this week (not that good, just unexpected). I'm not completely sure where it's come from, but I think it's related to making some really good progress on decluttering my house, and keeping the parts that I got clean for my guests spic and span for almost three weeks now. That's not like me.

I've found a really interesting support group online (note to self: must consider the growing percentage of my social life that's online) that's helping motivate me. I may write more on that later. It's all been part of consideration of whether I'm a "hoarder," so it does have OCD links.

Whatever the cause, it's a welcome change; I wish I could remember this when my mood swings the other direction.

On the exposure front, I've had a great couple of days. Didn't take a shower last night after a lot of grubby cleaning, and have been feeling pretty mellow at work, even as everyone around me sneezes the days away.

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