Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's so easy to cheat

I'd been doing great on exposures lately until this week. Because I'm so focused on my upcoming eventful weekend, with some really big exposures, I've been giving myself permission to avoid things that I feel might make me sick before the weekend (for instance driving to work instead of riding the bus full of people). So I'm trying to spend the next few days NOT doing that.

I'd been having trouble touching the bathroom floor after my initial attempt. My therapist suggested scheduling it into my day so I won't "forget," so I've done that and it seems to be working. The funny/stupid thing about the bathroom floor is that my cats go in there all the time. And my cats also sit on my lap all the time. So I suppose I'm already exposed every day. But it's "different," you know. OCD brain.

I also promised my therapist that I'd serve my dinner guests at least one uncooked food, all the more likely to food-poison them. That seemed impossible when we first talked about it, but now I think I can do it.

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