Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Obsessed, Season 2

Season two of A&E's Obsessed debuted on Monday. I watched yesterday and didn't find it compelling. It's definitely due to the comparison to The OCD Project, but I'm not certain quite what the difference is. Part of the problem is the 2 people, 1 hour format. You don't get much a feel for the people and their personalities at all, which is part of the draw of The OCD Project. I really care about what happens to those people.

But it's more than that. Something is different in the way they present the exposures, so that despite the person claiming to be anxious, you can't really tell. So perhaps despite the claim that The OCD Project features exposures that are way over the top, maybe that's how you can really tell how scary it is.

Another problem was that the woman (whose name I can't remember), had OCD that seemed to be an eating disorder. She took a very OCD-type approach, but at heart, she ate very little and exercised too much in order to keep her weight down. I couldn't relate the way I can to most people with OCD, and I found it odd that they never once uttered the word eating disorder.

Graham had contamination OCD, and I found him more interesting, but I wish we'd seen more or him. I liked the exposure in the water, as they spent enough time that we got to see it unfold.

Despite my gripes, the "follow up screens" indicated that both had made really good progress, so that's great news.


  1. I'm not really sold on that show either. But I've always been a little sensitive about it. Something about it feels like exploitation. I mean, I'm glad that OCD is coming to light as a real problem. I'm glad that they are really trying to show the public how we live. But it feels a little like being a star of a sideshow. But again, I am probably just overly sensitive. About the eating disorder...I was also totally overwhelmed that thy never once said eating disorder. But I definelty could relate because as my therapist taught me, my eating disorder is directly related to OCD. But it is still treated as an eating disorder and body image issue. We don't use exposures. It's always good to hear your thoughts on these shows! Thanks!


  2. My OCD manifested as an eating disorder at one point in my life, for several years. Looking back, though I was diagnosed at the time with anorexia and bulimia, I realize that it was OCD. It changed, health anxiety took its place, which was subsequently replaced by contamination OCD. It takes one heck of a skilled clinician to make the call of eating disorder versus OCD, but I do think there are some critical differences.

  3. That's really interesting. I wish the show had addressed it directly, rather than just leaving it hanging there as a question.