Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Still a LOT of Work to Be Done

I'm doing better, I'm working hard, and I'm pleased with this. But several things happened today to remind me of the work still ahead of me.

I was on the bus, and the woman across from me had a cast on her arm. I've considered casts contaminated ever since I broke my arm and witnessed the shockingly unhygienic way my cast was applied (I say that even without my OCD eye- they dropped items on the floor of the hospital, and then picked them back up and used them). But I was fine until she went to get off the bus and couldn't get her coat on, and asked for my help. I offered it, but then didn't touch anything with that hand until I could get to work and wash it. So that wasn't so great.

Then I got to work and learned that a coworker is out with what is likely the stomach flu. My instinct was to go home and huddle in the fetal position, but I didn't. But I'm not even close to being able to shrug it off, either.

And finally, my sister is moving across town today. We're currently having a thunderstorm- it's been raining HARD for close to an hour. Mmm, a new wet house, full of all her wet boxes. Can't wait to get over there and share my office's stomach flu germs on my wet feet.

So, yeah, I'm still freaked out awfully easily. But I'm attending an event tonight where for the first time in at least 5 years, I'm bringing an uncooked fruit dish to a potluck (oven-cooked items are "safer" of course), and I'm still going to visit my sister after that event. Not a perfect ERP day, but not terrible, either.

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