Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Foiled Again!

I told myself I was leaving the garbage can out there so it would get wet, and I was. But I was ALSO letting the garbage man germs dissipate. That's OCD thinking for sure. Also, the sun had come out and the edges of the can were drying off.

I decided to go for a run before taking the can back in. In those 30 minutes, the yard waste guy came by and knocked the can over, and it started raining again. So it was wet, dirty, and again covered with garbage man germs! The world is conspiring to get me better exposures, and I suppose I'm glad. Luckily my runs always steel my resolve for exposures, and I didn't freak out.

Now I'm off to use the bathroom at the grocery store. If I'm lucky someone will sneeze on me!


  1. Anything wet freaks me out, not just garbage cans. Different reasons, but similar. I had myself a little giggle over here because I also fear "garbage man germs"! Working on that.

  2. I agree, wet ups my anxiety by a huge amount. I love the summer!