Monday, February 22, 2010

ERP Works AGAIN! (who knew?)

This morning on the bus, a woman sat next to me and practically dumped her oversized bag (one of two, plus a newspaper and a coffee cup) on my lap. It was inconsiderate, especially considering that she had an empty seat on the other side of her, but my annoyance was purely OCD, wondering where she might have set that bag prior to my lap.

After I got off the bus, I was feeling seriously uptight, although I forced myself not to actively avoid the part of my coat that the bag had touched. But I definitely imagined washing the coat when I got home. Now it's 8 hours later, and I feel fine. The coat doesn't seem contaminated, and I don't feel contaminated.

I guess that's the plus in getting "contaminated" on the way to work- there's nothing I can do about it for hours anyway. It's the perfect ERP system.

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