Sunday, February 7, 2010

Writing About Your Experience

I received an email two weeks ago from a grad student at Arizona State assisting on a professor's book of first person accounts of mental illness. It will be a supplemental textbook, with an intended audience of future mental health professionals.

They want to share people's accounts of living with mental illness, as a way to help practitioners understand what their patients are dealing with. I like the idea, since I know that a lot of people have less than ideal experiences with mental health professionals.

The guidelines are pretty simple:
* Submissions should be a personal account of your personal experience with mental illness;
* Personal accounts can be written on any aspect of your experience that is significant to you (i.e. your relationships with family, your experience with healing and seeking help etc);
* Narratives are preferred although poetry and other formats will also be considered;
* Submission does not guarantee that your work will be published.

If you're interested in this, send me an email, and I have some more information about the people putting this together.

The timeline is pretty short, with the manuscript to be finished by June.

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