Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No Rest for the Weary

My reward for hanging tough yesterday? Another day of exposures. I get on the bus, and the woman across the aisle looks like she wants to die, with her head practically between her knees. My brain thinks "stomach flu." I get off the bus at my stop and immediately walk by a garbage truck emptying a dumpster, complete with a cloud of crud.

Get to work and find my computer has a virus. IT guy types away on my keyboard for over an hour (germs! on MY keyboard!) Killing time while this happens, my coworker regales me with stories of her week long stomach flu.

Ride the bus to therapy because it's pouring. Bus is full and smells of too many people and wet dog (he's sitting right in front of me). As the bus pulls into my stop, the guy two rows back sneezes. For some reason I turn to look and he sneezes again. Oops. Touched a lot of handrails (and didn't sanitize anything).

I get home (stopping to pick up the mail!), and decide a run would be relaxing. I nearly trip over a DEAD DOG! (I feel terrible for the dog and I wonder what happened- stray dogs are very rare around here. But, not relaxing.)

So, not the best day. Freaked out over all of these things less than expected, although my therapist did have to talk me down a little.

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  1. Wow. A day like that would have had me comatose from stress. Good for you.