Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bleaching the Sidewalk?

The sight of my very particular neighbor hosing every last leaf from her walkway today reminded me of something I came across on a run last week. I was running on the sidewalk, and one of the sidewalks had some soap suds on it, like you might see if someone had washed a car. There was not a driveway or any place nearby to wash a car, however. As I ran past, I noted a very strong smell of bleach. Now, it's possible they had some bleachy water and threw it out near the sidewalk. But it really really appeared that they had washed their sidewalk with bleach. Stop giving the lady with OCD ideas!

No, seriously, this is not something I would do, and I was pretty fascinated, wondering what would motivate such a thing.


  1. And here I think that I am mad for getting on my hands and knees with rubber gloves and scrubbing my tiny patio area with bleach, even though I never sit out there! Bleaching the sidewalk however, maybe a bit madder than what I do! I bet it was the cleanest sidewalk out there! :)

  2. My guess is either someone's pet did their business there or someone got sick there...something of that nature. I've had to bleach our sidewalk and porch steps when our pets have brought up bloody little offerings. LOL

  3. It's probably what Kat said... or you have a neighbor with ocd!

    OTOH, i used to clean the garage floor with vinegar every garbage day just because i had carried the garbage out thru the garage and had walked there with my 'dirty' feet. Not the WHOLE garage, just the 3' wide strip i would walk down. Fortunately i don't do that anymore! i can carry the garbage out the front door now without having to wash every floor i carry the garbage over. (this also included carpets)

    I did think the snow shovel had ocd on it tho, because i DIDN'T wash the driveway down when i carried the garbage over it. This year seems to be better tho. i think the snow shovel is ok.