Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Almost As Good As Med School

... OCD, that is. I'm kidding. BUT. I do find that being an information junkie with OCD means that I often know more than my doctors about my medical issues. Except about medications; today's doctor's sure do know a lot about medications.

I did not find out much of use at my appointment today. The nurse who took my blood pressure (lower than expected!) and my doctor both had colds, so that was awesome. Actually, it wasn't terrible, since that's an exposure I'm supposed to be having anyway.

Today I also almost got to/had to drive a coworker to the airport- her daughter's having a baby in another city. I was really really nervous about it, since it brought together a whole host of exposures for me. But I was going to do it, and without nearly as much stress as I'd imagined. But then, 15 minutes before we planned to leave, her son called. He happened to be nearby, since he'd taken the afternoon off from work, so he drove her instead. And I was almost, just almost, disappointed.


  1. Ann, At least you were willing to do it, despite the anxiety! That's half the battle right there. Congrats!

  2. I agree - I know WAY more about OCD than my GP. Especially Pure O OCD. I had to educate her - which I find quite disconcerting and frustrating actually. I agree with the comment above - you were determined to DO THE EXPOSURE!!! I had one of those moments tonight. A friend of mine invited me to a party in a couple of weeks and I am pretty sure a lesbian will be there. Woooooo - a lesbian!!! (sarcastic) Normally I would have found a reason to say no - and right now there are lots of reasons. In fact - if a lesbian wasn't going to be there (and this is a great ERP opportunity for me) - I would probably say no just because I have been so busy lately. But - I committed. I said yes. I thought of you when I did it - and your determination.

  3. That is so great that you were almost disappointed. Sometimes, that's the greatest feeling when you are ready to try to just go for it and then it falls through and you're a little disappointed. I love when that happens. It's definitely a step in the right direction. : )

  4. Knowing more that a doctor does is so typical of OCD. My psychiatrist, who I like very much, and my GP both are intrigued every time I visit them and ask me zillions of questions. My OCD doc, on the other hand, totally gets it and it super knowledgable.

    Your courage and determination before and during your exposures is admirable!!!