Friday, November 25, 2011

A Very Full Morning

After the garbage can incident reminded me that if I give OCD an inch, it will take a mile, today I set out to do some exposures. Nothing major. It turned into a really nice morning.

I planned to walk to do some errands, but I decided instead to start out on the bus. As always, I need to push to keep myself on the bus with all those germy people.

Then I went to one Black Friday sale. I ended up purchasing only apples and tulip bulbs there, so perhaps I am not the best Black Friday shopper, but that's okay. My next stop was an accidental black Friday sale and an accidental exposure as well. I needed some purple yarn, so I stopped at the neighborhood yarn shop. They were offering 10% off to anyone who was wearing their pajamas. I guess it symbolized getting up at the crack of dawn to hit the sales. But for a person with bedbug fears, I wasn't thrilled to see everyone in their jammies. My first thought was "must leave this store." But I didn't. Next, I had trouble finding the cotton, and had an awkward encounter with a salesperson. I've noticed recently when awkward things happen to me, I tear up easily and have an automatic "flight" response, but I fought it off today, and did just fine. That felt good. The purple cotton was pricier than I'd hoped, but when I got to the checkstand, it was 40% off! Score!

By this point, after nearly 4 inches of rain (!) this week, the sun had come out. I'm liking my blue light machine, but real live sun feels SO GOOD! So I walked a mile up to the library in the sun, and my mood was fabulous. At the little strip mall next to the library, I found a Christmas present I needed, 30% off. Yay!

Last stop, up the hill to the food coop, where in addition to getting what I went for, I also found a treasure trove of good stuff in the bruised produce for 39 cents a pound bin. Yay, again!

By this point, I was pretty weighed down with purchases, but the sun was still shining as I walked the last mile home, ending with a visit to my favorite futon mattress, still living in the parking strip (now with 4 extra inches of rain!)

What a great day. Off to plant the new tulips.


  1. Sounds positively wonderful!!! And yes - so happy the sun came out today!!! I was getting bogged down. Feeling like my head was in a vice. This post inspired me - I love how you continue to challenge your OCD. I am just working on that right now.....motivation and attitude - which - I suppose comes along with "acceptance".

  2. I enjoyed this "trip through town" with you.......sounds like a wonderful day, especially the sunshine!

    Still having trouble posting, so using anonymous.

  3. It sounds like a great morning! Congratulations on feelng the anxiety but keeping on walking.

  4. 40% off yarn? That right there would be the definition of a great day for me. :) lol
    Good job on all the exposures. And happy for you that you had the sunshine!

  5. Lucky you that you had such a sun-shiney day. That always helps me too. it's been dark and cloudy here for the past few days...but still no dumping of snow, so i'm looking at the positive! ( i like snow, just not shoveling it :) We have a steep sloped driveway.

    Glad you had such a good time doing your shopping.

  6. I'm glad the sun has come out, figuratively and literally. What a great, successful day! : )