Saturday, November 19, 2011

Give It Time to Sink In

About three months ago I made a list of things I wanted to ask my doctor about. Most of them are related to getting older/turning 40- nothing major. Then I never got around to making the appointment. Last week I sent an online request for a migraine medication refill. The next day I got a call from my doctor's office telling me it had been two years, and they wanted me to come in to chat before they renewed the prescription.

I freaked out! Well, just inside my head. I said, "do I need to? Umm, I guess I'll decide if I want to keep the medication." And I hung up! After about 30 minutes, I realized I wasn't actually scared of the appointment, and that I needed to make one anyway. So I called back and did that.

But it reminded me that I pretty much always need to that brief amount of time to register any change or unexpected event in my life. To the point than when my family calls to ask me to do just about anything, they preface it with "you don't need to decide right now..."

It would be helpful if I could remember this fact in my "back pocket," so to speak. So that I could skip the freak out part and learn to say something like "let me check my calendar and get back to you." Pretty sure, if it didn't already, my medical file now has a "she's a little nuts" flag on it. Oh, well.


  1. I can relate to this. But you did call the doctor back, you do decide on doing something after thinking about it. Maybe it's anxiety, but I think it's also good old caution.

  2. I'm totally the same. I need a little while to adjust to anything that smacks of change - or out of the ordinary - or unplanned. If I have that time to talk myself into/out of something then I deal much better.
    Good luck at your dr's appt. Hope you're able to get that list of questions out of the back of your mind.

  3. I'm the same way. I don't do well with change. I don't do well with medical appointments. I don't do well with phone calls and making appointments. It's all a lot. I need time to process things as well. I'm still dealing with all of this stuff when it comes to an appointment I have at the end of December to have my wisdom teeth removed. So not looking forward to it and still processing it all.