Thursday, April 8, 2010


Today I went to visit a friend. In the country. On a muddy 27 acres. With an unruly dog. It was raining. At one point she got a phone call, and I went outside to hang with the dog. He's a sweet dog, actually. But he sure does drool a lot. Oh, and he apparently likes to drag pieces of elk carcasses home. I didn't see any, though.

It was a major accomplishment to me that I spent almost no time ahead of the visit ruminating about that dog and his muddy paws (the photo is not her dog or her mud).

I had a great time; it was scary social event #12 for 2010.

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  1. Great job - mud and drooly dog. It was the 'pieces of elk carcasses' that got me. Ugh. I'd have a tough time with that. I love animals, but generally have to keep my distance. It took me a year to be comfortable around my sister's lap dog who barely leaves the house. But making friends with that dog has made it easier to see other dogs as less threatening (i.e. less completely covered with germs.) ;)
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