Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shopping Extravaganza

I hate shopping. Things to be touched, sick clerks to help me. But since this week is "do what you don't want to" week, I've been catching up on shopping chores, plus trying to meet a non-OCD goal of increasing my spending at local independent stores. In the last 24 hours I have
1) Purchased a gift for my cousin's brand new twins.
2) Purchased part two of a gift for my cousin's brand new twins.
2a) (forgot this one): Purchased onion sets at garden store.
3) Mailed the gifts.
4) Signed political petition outside the post office.
5) Bought drink at local co-op on the way home.
6) Bought snack at another little store on way home.
7) Went to humane society and looked at cats and bought cat litter.
8) Ordered takeout.
9) Rented video while take out was prepared.
10) Picked up takeout.

I was wearing headphones in between a lot of those, so I got to touch my hair a lot and spread the germs while taking them on and off. I love my neighborhood- I could walk to nearly all of those places (didn't walk with 50 pounds of cat litter). And the onion sets were almost two miles away, so I did those while on my run, but that was cool, too.

On the run, my shoelace came untied just when I was almost home (no, chickens were not actually involved. Although, hmm, there were chickens at the garden store). I was surprised at how scary that seemed to me, and I realized that it's actually been months since my shoelace dragged on the ground in public. But just as it should, my anxiety dropped quickly, and by the time I got home five minutes later, I'd forgotten about it. Love that.

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  1. This is a fabulous account of doing what you value, not what the ocd values!