Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yet Another Exposure

It's not like the continuing opportunity for exposure is any surprise, but here's another. Last week I entered a giveaway contest on a blog I occasionally read. I was hesitant about entering because the thought of a stranger mailing me a package set off my OCD. But, that being the case, I HAD to enter, right? So I did. And I won. Yay! Boo! I'm surprised how much anxiety I feel about it, because I order things through the mail fairly frequently. Just not as much lately I guess. All the more reason to "run right toward" this exposure.


  1. It was great that you participated . . . and won! (I so rarely win in these things. . . woe is me :-))Sounds like a good exposure too.

  2. LOL!! winning when you wanted to lose. Figures, eh! Hope you actually do enjoy your winnings...btw what did you win?