Friday, December 9, 2011

Still Need a Cognitive Update On This One

I still struggle with the thought of giving someone something as simple as a cold. I either worry that they'll in turn give it to their immune compromised grandma, or some trip or event will be ruined because they were sick.

Last week I worried about both. As I mentioned, my coworker flew off to help with the birth of her very first grandchild. I fretted that I'd get her sick before she left and then she wouldn't be able to be around her grandchild, or at least would be miserable from illness.

Well, I didn't get her sick. She got herself sick. As far as I can tell, she still snuggled right up to her granddaughter. And while she wasn't thrilled to be sick, nothing came of it. She had a great trip and all was well.

Why can't I get this through my thick skull? That remains a big one to work on. Luckily winter gives me plenty of opportunity.


  1. What is it about OCD that puts up an invisible wall between logical cause and effect? You can see through the wall - and you know you should be able to get past it - but it's almost impossible. Keep at it. If anyone can do it it's you - you are the best at ERP that I know.

  2. At least you are aware of the issue! You are right, winter will give you lots of opportunities. Which remnds me. I need to get a flu shot :)

  3. I still feel like holding my breath around new born babies. I work at a day care, so I'm pretty likely to be carrying around germs at any given moment. I don't understand how other people can ignore their colds and hold a new born baby.

    OCD isn't bound by logic. That's my observation. The fear doesn't have to make proper sence for it to bother me or taunt me.