Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What a Day

I touched a bunch of "contaminated" stuff today. I kept meaning to wash my hands, but then I was so busy that I'd look up and another hour had passed and I still hadn't done it. So far, so good.

Then I got an email from IT telling me a virus had been detected and deleted on my computer, and did I remember what I might have done to download it? My brain went straight to, ack, I'll be fired for sure!

Right before lunch time, I walked down the hall toward the kitchen, and woah! there was water cascading out of a light fixture into a (luckily) empty cubicle. At first we thought it was clean water from a small water heater on the floor above us, but soon the smell made it clear that there was a toilet involved. Excellent news! The water looked clear at least. Much better than the raw brown sewage that came down on someone's car in the parking lot last year. Yes, it's an old building.

I was surprisingly okay about the waterfall, although I was certainly grateful not to be the woman whose office it did eventually infiltrate. She had an umbrella over her computer at one point.

Even so, tomorrow's our holiday potluck. and my first thought was to skip it- the leak was really really close to the kitchen where all our food will be stored and the housekeeping staffer who helped clean up the spill today is the same person who will put out a stack of plates for tomorrow's potluck. But I know that no one else is having this thought, so potluck I shall.

Then I came home to my nice relaxing house, but first I had to pass the neighbor's still not cleaned up garbage. Also excellent.

I guess this is the point you just have to give in to it all.


  1. You did have a "what a day"! It sounds like you handled it all very well and were able to write about it with a wry sense of humor. Great post! And I hope tomorrow is less eventful. Enjoy the potluck!

  2. Toilet water all over? I would definitely have a problem with that! Forget the umbrella, I'd gut the whole office. :) Good for you for making it through the day!

  3. Sounds like you did a great job dealing with all these "normal" disasters, that totally eek us.. But you did great and not only that you found a way to help tell yourself " stuff happens" and move on from it .. Be proud of yourself