Saturday, December 17, 2011

Garbage Update

I'm sure you've all been thinking about my neighbor's garbage! Just me? Well, here's an update anyway. Today the (once again) overflowing can got knocked over. Actually, I think they ran it over with their car (well, one of their six cars- now they have one that can only be described as the "Scooby van"- it's metallic gold colored and it appears to be from circa 1974). Guess it's hard to see the garbage can while driving the Scooby van. Garbage was strewn about. They mostly picked it up, but about 20 pieces escaped and are blowing around our driveways as I type.

When I went out tonight and discovered this un-picked up garbage, some of it in my yard, my brain said, go pick it up! Right now! Then you'll know for sure how this episode will end!

But I didn't, and I still haven't. I did, with my bare hand, pick up the pieces that had already floated into my yard and returned them to the neighbor's driveway. One was a piece of cotton- possible bathroom garbage! I'm confident that the anxiety I feel will pass.


  1. Ugh! Have they never heard of lids to their cans and rearview mirrors so they don't hit the cans? that's just rude and gross. No one, OCD or not, wants their neighbors trash floating around their drive and yard. I'm glad you were able to restrain yourself from picking it all up. That's a great thing. (I can't believe you picked up someone else's cotton with your bare hands! WOW!)

  2. Good for you! And yes, the anxiety will pass.

  3. You must feel so lucky to have neighbors who are so helpful in coming up with exposures for you :)!!