Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some Stories You Should Keep To Yourself

Today at lunch, one of my coworkers excitedly told us she had a "gross" story to tell. And boy was she right. It involved a seriously vomiting child on public transit. Right behind her. This very morning. And of course, I was now sitting next to her.

By the transitive properties of OCD, she is totally contaminated, and I am, too. It's a good exposure, but I still think some things should just not be shared. Sigh.


  1. Yeah, that's happened to me too. Me and mice don't get along, and one day i was at a friend's house and she proceeded to tell me how she found and got rid of some mice in her house. I did NOT need to know this!

    That's the problem with ocd. You never know when an exposure (unplanned) is coming. But i guess the more we do our planned exposures, the more we have the practice for when an unplanned one comes our way??

    BTW, Ann, your story on my blog re your shower helped me at my next unplanned exposure! I was at the Y and noticed little black dots on the shower curtain in the stall i was using. My mind travelled right to 'mold/mildew' and i freaked out (only in my head :). all the way home i kept telling myself that Ann says it's ok. She hasn't died yet from mildew exposure and i and my house will be ok. It worked until the next time i went swimming when i took an uncontaminated swimsuit and stayed away from the showers and the locker i had been using. guess that adds up to a c+ but without your comments to run thru my head on the way home, i may have hit an F. So thanks!

  2. LOL. That wouldn't bother me at all. So funny hey how it's all about the theme of OCD? You and I could probably be great support for each other because though our themes are different - the pattern is EXACTLY the same!!!

  3. Ann, I would have been thinking the same thing about contamination, and probably looking at my co-worker's clothes to make sure there were no stains near me.

    I had to laugh at myself as I read your post. I had to work late tonight, so I was eating a very late supper in front of the computer as I caught up on my reading. As I read your post. As I read the word "vomiting." Oh my.

  4. LOL....Very true! Certain things should not be shared unless you know the person/people with you will feel the same way about them that you do. It's just common courtesy.