Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bad News, Good-ish News

As I mentioned, they didn't pick up the yard waste. The good exposure-seeking me wanted to just wait out the two weeks until the next pick up, but the not-so-good-at-that me didn't. Plus, at the rate I'm picking weeds, I would have had 15 bags of extra yard waste by then. So I did my best to turn what I did do into an exposure. I took a few hours off today, went on a weeding frenzy, and filled up my car with yard debris bags. Then I went to the transfer station, which I consider a really scary place. There's a whole lot of garbage there!!! And attendants who may be sick.

So I went, I dumped my debris among all the other scary stuff (in the part of the giant warehouse where you drop off glass for recycling, apparently you just kind of throw glass toward the floor, where it shatters, very very loudly. This place was very close to where I was standing). I paid the attendant and got paperwork from her without purell-ing. Then I stopped and picked up a snack at the store, which I ate without washing my hands.

I will admit that while it was a decent exposure, it was not nearly as good as letting the yard debris pile up for two weeks would have been. But I'm not going to get down on myself. There are enough days of that already.


  1. Sounds like some highly impressive exposure work to me! You may have been avoiding letting the debris pile up, but you turned the alternative into an exposure itself (an exposure that seems even more challenging to me!). I certainly don't think you have any reason to get down on yourself for that :).

  2. Even it would have been harder to let the debris pile up, you did what you could. You exposed yourself to something scary and that is a good thing. Also, I am super impressed that you were able to eat a snack without washing your hands (after being around garbage)!!!

  3. Thanks for the support. Today I'm off for some pretty big exposures. Hope to be able to report back good news.