Saturday, July 17, 2010

Slogging on Through

Back to working on the "if it seems scary, I guess I should do it" approach to OCD. Today that meant riding my bike to the Farmer's Market, stopping at a yard sale on the way back, and picking up some bamboo poles that my neighbor had pruned and left in the alley behind our houses (just as I can motivate when cake is involved, that bamboo was just gorgeous and will make a great bean trellis).

While I was at the Farmer's Market, I ran into my touchy feely boss from my last job; of course he gave me a hug. When I came back from the market, I rubbed my hands on my pillow and computer keyboard again.

Tomorrow it's going to mean going to my niece's dance recital; bringing a bag of "contaminated" yard waste over to my parents' house, since my bin is full to overflowing and theirs is empty; and shopping for gifts for two friends who recently had babies. Next week I have four social events scheduled, on top of my anxiety about the construction in front of my house.

One other random thing I'm doing well at is dropping food and picking it up and eating it. Usually just off my lap or the kitchen counter, but yesterday I dropped a piece of a carrot on the pretty grimy kitchen floor. I picked it up and before I could think better of it, I ate it.

As my title says, I'm slogging on through, and things are getting better.


  1. I have yet to bring myself to eat anything off the floor, but if I drop a pill on the floor, I quickly try to swallow it before I can think about it. I'm getting better and better about it. I'm always then tempted to throw up, but that's getting better, too.

    It sounds like you're doing pretty good! I like your "if it seems scary, I guess I should do it approach"! I am working on incorporating that into my thought process. Right now I'm just trying to be more aware of things that OCD tells me to be afraid of. Next step will be actually doing those things when I notice them. Scary!