Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Not to Do

Today I learned that OCD and Jiffy Lube are not compatible! My oil has needed changing for a good long time, and last night I noticed my coolant was a little low as well. Jiffy Lube seemed faster than waiting for my mechanic. Hmm, well. I know they make their money by selling additional services, and I plan to take my car in soon anyway, so I was fine with saying no to everything. Except, well, they said the battery failed their testing. So I called my mechanic and confirmed that it had been six years since I replaced it. Then I started having OCD fears of getting stranded somewhere. Oh, noes!

So I went down the street after work to the nice tire shop from last week and asked for a new battery. Hmm, nice tire shop says the battery looks fine, passes their tests, and oh, by the way, did Jiffy Lube tell me I needed one? Happens all the time, they say.

Then I get home, and some kind of liquid is dripping from under the hood. Nice! I open the hood, and it's the overfilled washer fluid reservoir (which by the way, looks like it's just filled with water, and oh, did you know that can cause Legionnaire's disease?).

Plus, it doesn't actually look like they added any coolant, the main reason I went down there in the first place. Dang it! They do appear to have changed the oil, and I had a really good coupon, so at least they made no profit on me.

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  1. With or without OCD, Jiffy Lube is such a slip shod company. They totally ruined my sis-in-law's car by overfilling fluids, oil, etc.
    Sorry you had such a rough go of it. Way to stick it to them with the coupon. :) It's the little things, really.....