Saturday, December 26, 2009

OCD and Dating, Part 2

So, I tried the internet dating thing during the late summer and fall, and didn't find anyone promising. This was a setback, in part because I was hoping that wanting to keep from freaking out while dating would be a good motivation to push forward on exposures. But no such luck.

Recently, however, I've developed a workplace crush. That hasn't happened in at least 5 years, so it's kind of fun. I have no particular optimism that it will go anywhere, but I have been able to use it as an incentive to keep pushing.

That said, I've been thinking and thinking and thinking today about tomorrow's exposures: hanging out with my sister and her kids, and going to a movie with my aunt and mom (yes, I know I need to expand this social circle- working on that, too!) Anyway, lots of opportunities for things that seem scary to me, just before returning to work after my boss's latest chemo, and with a coworker about to go on vacation.

If I read about someone else truly worrying about this stuff, I'd probably just laugh, but when it's my brain, it all feel so REAL. At least the New Year's resolutions will be easy to come up with this year.

Hope everyone (who celebrates it) had a nice Christmas.

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