Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OCD and Acceptance

Well, I thought I had an awesome post to write about acceptance, but I can't find the couple of articles/blog posts I found on the internet that really resonated, so oops.

The basic gist was the misuse of the concept of acceptance in people with OCD. As in, I can accept that I might get sick, but oh! please don't let me. Or, I can accept that I might be gay, but I'm pretty sure I'm not, so that's a relief.

The acceptance is only theoretical, and that doesn't get you very far. True acceptance takes some time, and possibly some mourning for what might have been (that came from Dr. Grayson's blog, I do remember that).

Maybe this will get thought out better in the future.

In the meantime, made it through another work day without a shower, and I finished up my Christmas shopping in some crowded stores. So, I'm still doing pretty well on the exposures, but the acceptance is coming a little more slowly.

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