Sunday, October 25, 2009

One Step Forward, 3/4 of a Step Back

Despite moderate anxiety, I was able to visit my family today. The visits weren't super smooth, though. My sister had gone to a farm to buy apples and pears, and she wanted to set the boxes on her bathroom scale to split up the fruit by weight. I freaked a little. For a number of reasons (involving children's potty chairs), her scale has always seemed contaminated, plus it lives in the bathroom!

Then I went to visit my folks. I normally lurk to be sure that my mom washes her hands before cooking, or I'm just there helping and can see, but I wasn't paying attention today, so I asked her (she had). But later she went rummaging through the freezer out in the garage and then went straight to making salad. Again I freaked a little although I still ate the salad; the garage freezer isn't the most hygienic.

My family is fairly accommodating, but I probably shouldn't ask them to be, and I always feel like something of a failure after I make a weird request or get upset about something. Ugh. At least I netted that 1/4 of a step forward.

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  1. I find that making a list of all the things I WAS able to do and referring back to it every day is helpful. Yes, it reads like the most ridiculous list in the world ("I touched the faucet!" "I didn't rewind TiVo to make sure I heard every word perfectly!"), but it is helpful in that it reminds me of the progress I've made. And there is a certain sense of "If I did that, I can probably do this..." that comes with it.