Saturday, October 10, 2009

Today's Blog Post

I'm really struggling right now. Like a lot of people with OCD, I'm an information junkie, and I'm super aware of what I should be doing to combat my OCD. Doing it is a whole other thing.

At this point, all I feel sure of is that I will drag my butt into work every day next week. Not making it to work is a slope I will not start down (unless I'm actually sick, of course), because that can lead nowhere good. Other than that, no promises.

I am posting here my commitment to finally listen to a meditation CD that a friend sent me weeks ago. I will post again tonight whether I did it- that'll be an exciting post for sure.


  1. Hang in there. Meditation can be helpful. So can yoga. Obviously nothing beats ERP, so if you can do *some* sort of exposure for a chunk of time (even 20 minutes), that's helpful. But there will be those days, won't there, and you just have to treat yourself nicely and remember that you're human.

  2. I did "do" the meditation CD, although not in a particularly focused manner. Got to start somewhere though. I have a yoga CD from the library, although it's in Spanish. I've been meaning to try that, too.