Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yahoo OCD Group

If you've never checked out this group, take a look. It's a yahoo group for folks with OCD. It's got thousands of members, although probably only 100 post with any regularity. While people do sometimes use it to seek reassurance, most people see through these attempts and encourage others to utilize ERP against their OCD.

Most useful, there are 3 or 4 therapists who regularly post. Recently a new therapist has joined and he posts really useful, supportive, informative posts. Anyway, I recommend the group. It's not going to solve your OCD, but it's another place to get support, encouragement and information. Some interesting OCD-related debates crop up, too.

You can change your account settings to get a daily digest, or just read messages on the website itself. That's what I do; otherwise you may get 25 individual emails a day, which can get overwhelming quite quickly.

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  1. I agree! The OCD-Support yahoo group is a helpful resource - especially if you are looking to find out how others experience and cope with the disorder. Most of the time I just go through and read the comments made by the doctors and therapists since these almost always contain great advice! I would also recommend the pure_o_ocd yahoo group. Even those who don't feel like they have primarily mental compulsions can glean useful advice from its members and apply to it to their forms of obsessions and compulsions. But then I think almost all of us perform more mental rituals than we realize! For me, the physical compulsions are just an extension of the compulsions that are going on in my head, just the tip of the iceberg that protrudes from the from the vast base of mental compulsions hiding underneath.