Saturday, October 30, 2010

Spreading a Cold

This doesn't have much to do with anything, but it still fascinated me. My therapist was always of the opinion that one could never know where one's cold came from. I don't quite agree, but I can agree that the average person isn't mad when they get a cold.

BUT, this week, I saw the most 1-2-3 example of spreading a cold, and I continue to wonder why people aren't more careful. Colds don't totally suck, but they're no fun either.

My boss came back from vacation with a pretty bad one. On Monday, we gathered for our weekly staff meeting. She blew her nose. She fidgeted (for seriously, NO reason, except that she's a fidgeter) with the chair next to her. Coworker comes in to meeting and pulls out the chair, touching it exactly where our boss did. Within 30 seconds, she had rubbed her eyes with her hand.

48 hours later, coworker has developed a cold.

So, yeah, doesn't mean I should stop exposures, but how hard is it not to blow your nose and then immediately touch things that others will? Gross.


  1. I'm brand new to the ocd blogging world, although not to blogging in general. But I stumbled on your blog and had to comment... I completely understand this, and sometimes I wish I could just turn off my brain that is constantly watching what other people doing and tracking their self-exposures. It just sets me into a whirl and is so frustrating!

  2. Hi Leah, Thanks for the comment. Yes, I am always amazed what I notice without even trying, and that apparently is of no consequence to the rest of the world. If we could just turn it off, well what a relief that would be!

  3. I'll never understand how non-OCD people think. Like my husband. The way he touches the world without a thought. Yes, not being constantly 'on watch' would be a relief, although I can't even imagine what that might be like. In the end, I'm with you, if you have a cold, have a care for heaven's sake.
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