Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh, Dear

The boyfriend wants to go on a trip. That's great for our relationship. It may cause some trouble for my sanity.


  1. You can do it!! Since my big OCD relapse I get pretty anxious before trips, but I'm always glad that I went afterward. It's freeing to be out of my trigger-laden environment where I've developed lots of bad habits. Plus, trips usually have a lot of exposures, and because I usually can't avoid them like I do at home, I end up facing the things I need to face and feeling freer than ever!

  2. I forget....how much does the current boyfriend know about your OCD?

    Here's the bottom line. Do you want to be with said boyfriend? More than you want to complete your compulsions? (How's that for a black and white OCD ultimatum, huh? ;) )

    Good luck! I know it's gonna be hard. But I bet you'll have a good time if you go. :)