Friday, October 15, 2010


So, the boyfriend has two tattoos and has plans for another. You would be right in imagining that as someone with contamination OCD, tattoos freak me the heck out. Since his new tattoo will be a bird tracing he took off his dead mother's gravestone, I'm confident that I won't be talking him out of it.

It's a good time to remind myself that my fear of tattoos doesn't actually increase his chances of getting a deadly disease from getting one [deep breath].


  1. Hard, but in the end can be a great exposure. My nose piercing has turned out to be that for me. I found that often there is also a metaphorical aspect to my obsessions. For example, the nose piercing was symbolic of "bucking authority", "living recklessly", "counter-culture", and going against my parents wishes. The ocd latched onto the contamination fear as the manifestation of my discomfort. Do tattoos represent something for you? It might be worth exploring. Hang in there. Life is full of these discomforts....but its worth it!!!

  2. Wow. Brian sounds kind of wise. I've never been pierced or tattooed, but not because I object. I just don't like pain. Why not get a teensy tattoo with him? Could you do it as an exposure like Brian said? It would create this incredible solidarity with the boy friend and you'd have a cool little tat on your... whatever.