Sunday, August 29, 2010

When to Disclose

So, I've been dating L for a month. My OCD has not caused many problems, although it generally doesn't at this point. I do think it's at least in part due to my work over the last year, however. I've done well with restaurants, bathrooms, grocery stores, cooking together. So that's great. But it must be mentioned at some point. Usually it comes up for the first time when I'm freaking out about something, and that's never ideal. I guess time will tell.

I spent time at his house yesterday, and even took my shoes off, so that was a good step, although I was hyper aware of my feet the whole day. That's not really ideal, either.

The really bad thing that I've done in the last few days, though, is to go to a "if I weren't dating him, I wouldn't have to worry about any of this" place. That's a place I DO NOT want to go. I've been there for the last 4 years, and it's not very fun.


  1. Yay for taking your shoes off! My boyfriend(now husband)first found out about my OCD when I had a health anxiety meltdown the 2nd year we were together--we were living together for the summer, and it was much harder to hide. He was very compassionate, which brought us closer together.

  2. I get so frustrated at this point in the dating process. Outside of my OCD, I'm a really mellow person, and that's what comes out in the early stages. I'm very lovable without OCD. :)

    But hearing other people's stories of supportive spouses is encouraging.