Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Lots and lots of rumination in my brain this week. Most of it revolving around the uptick in social activity in my life. It increases the idea in my head that things will go wrong or that I will get sick, to bad consequences. The vast majority of the worries are around really mundane things, like watching a video, or going to a barbecue. I am reminding myself that this provides lots and lots of chances to just sit with my anxiety. That fact that it so easily moves from one event to the next, helps me to realize that there's not real danger, it's just my OCD working its moves. Whew, easier to type that than to do it

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  1. I once read this described as "cycling"--the anxiety moving from event to event, and it made sense to me. It's a really noxious recycling actually--some crap, different manifestation. So it's great you are seeing flashes of this, as hard as sitting with the anxiety can be.